How do I get rid of my dogs stinky paws

How do I get rid of my dogs stinky paws

Getting rid of your dog’s stinky paws can be a challenge, but fortunately there are several easy methods you can use to effectively remove the odor and leave your pup’s paws smelling fresh.

The first step in getting rid of your pet’s smelly paws is to give their feet a good scrubbing. To do this, combine two parts baking soda and one part warm water in a bowl. Then dip a clean cloth into the mixture and gently scrub each paw for about 10 seconds. This will help to eliminate any ingrained odors on the fur.

You can also try using an antibacterial paw wash or spray. These products are designed specifically for canine paws and are great at tackling stubborn foot odors. Simply spray or wipe each paw with the product, then rinse them off with warm water.

If these methods aren’t successful in getting rid of the smell, you may want to consider switching to paw-friendly shoes or boots. This will provide an extra layer of protection between your pet’s feet and rough surfaces that could trap unpleasant odors. Shoes or boots also offer extra support and traction when running or walking outdoors on slippery surfaces like snow or ice.

You can also try soaking your pup’s feet in diluted apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes once a week for an added layer of protection against smelly paws. The vinegar acts as a natural deodorizer that eliminates bacteria which causes smells in the first place!

Lastly, always be sure to regularly inspect your pet’s paws for signs of injury or infection such as cuts, redness or swelling – this could indicate that they need veterinary attention right away! Regular inspection is also essential so you can take proper measures to keep your pup’s feet healthy and smelling great all year round!

Understanding the cause of smelly paws

Understanding the cause of smelly paws is the first step to tackling this problem. There are a few different culprits that could be making your pup’s paws smelly. Most commonly, it’s bacteria or fungus that result in foul-smelling paws, so you’ll need to evaluate your pup’s habits to uncover the underlying issue.

First, you should check and see if your dog’s feet are coming into contact with mud or standing water regularly. This can introduce bacteria to the skin of your dog’s paws, which can cause an unpleasant odor. Additionally, standing water can offer a breeding ground for fungus which can lead to an even more pungent odor! If you suspect mud or standing water is behind the problem then it should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

If that doesn’t appear to be the issue, consider whether or not seasonal allergies might be causing your pup discomfort and odor. Allergens like pollen and mold spores can accumulate on their fur and it may also have a negative effect on their paw pads – resulting in itchiness and an unpleasant scent! Consider visiting the veterinarian if these possibilities don’t reveal an answer.

Bathing & cleaning your dog’s paws

Bathing your dog’s paws is a great way to get rid of the stinky smell and keep his feet clean. You can use mild soap and warm water in a small container or tub suitable for a paw bath. Gently massage the soap into the fur around each paw and between the toes. If your pup is willing, you can also scrub the pads of their feet with a wet brush or piece of cloth before getting rinsed off.

To really give your pup’s paws an extra deep cleaning, you can let them soak in diluted apple cider vinegar solution for five minutes that also helps kill bacteria and deodorize their paws. Afterward, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a towel or air dry outside until completely dry.

Finally, brushing your pup’s fur regularly will help keep dirt particles at bay and make it easier to spot any potential issues such as cuts, cracking, parasites etc before they become major problems. Use a soft bristle brush to comb through the fur between your dog’s toes and pads to ensure no dirt has been missed during the bathing process—especially if your dog loves rolling around on dirt!

Keeping their paws clean and dry

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of stinky paws is to keep them clean and dry. This is especially important after your dog has been playing in muddy puddles or rolling around in something they found!

Start by washing your pup’s feet with a mild shampoo, then rinse thoroughly. After that, gently towel dry their feet while raking out any dirt or debris with a wide-toothed comb. Then, let your pup’s paws air dry for a few minutes before treating them with baby powder or cornstarch –– any kind will do!

This powdery mixture will help absorb any excess moisture on their paws and might even reduce odors. For an extra boost of freshness, add a few drops of lavender essential oil, eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil to the mix.

Once you’re all done applying the powder, don’t forget to reward your pup for being such a good sport!

Regular nail clipping

One of the best ways to keep your dog’s paws from getting stinky is by regularly clipping their nails. Longer nails can harbor bacteria and dirt, and inevitably lead to smelly paws. When you clip their nails, make sure you cut them short enough that there are no gaps between the nail and the ground. That way they won’t be able to pick up dirt or other debris while running around outside.

You can purchase a pair of high-quality pet nail clippers at most pet stores, or online. It’s important to handle your dogs feet during regular nail clipping practices so he gets used to it over time, making it a much easier process for both of you. A good idea is also to give him a treat after each successful session.

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