The Ultimate Guide for White Labelling for Fintech & Financial Services

The Ultimate Guide for White Labelling for Fintech & Financial Services

Your trading terminal must have updated pricing on each instrument at every second of time, 24/5. All our content is also available in the form of an API so your developer can integrate it quickly. Integrating into MT4 and plotting our pattern recognition is also very easy. Candlestick pattern recognition uses 58 of the most popular candlesticks patterns, using 6 hour and daily timeframes and alerts the end-user immediately.

  • We understand that, as a brand, you want to offer personalised trading terms for your clients.
  • We take care of all the legal aspects involved during setup to ensure your brokerage operations are completely legitimate.
  • If you’re looking for a strategic partnership, white labelling is only one of the options.
  • Our full back-office enables your financial service organization to establish, build , and sustain excellent relationships with new and existing clients.
  • FXWhitelabel offers cTrader Whitelabel solutions that allow you to save your capital for other marketing initiatives.

With outsourcing, one company essentially passes a project or certain responsibilities to another company. Arranging a successful outsourcing partnership can be complicated as you’re hiring someone else to complete a function of your business. Outsourcing can also sometimes be white labelled but only if you buy a product or service and sell it to the end user under your brand name. “Play that record, DJ.” White labels, originally part of the music industry, now play a role in almost every sector. For financial and Fintech companies, white labelling allows you to expand your customer base, gauge interest in a potential product and stay relevant in a hyper-competitive market.

White-label stock exchange platform

You may outsource your trading operations while retaining control over your client relationships by using this method. White label Forex broker is an excellent option for those trying to get started in the FX market. Working with a WL provider allows you to take advantage of their liquidity, infrastructure, and customer care. This type of arrangement can be very beneficial, especially for those just starting out in the Forex market. Fair Trading Technology is a software development company that provides software products and software development solutions to businesses and enterprise customers.

fx white label solution

The changes can also be triggered by certain market events thus allowing brokers to more effectively manage any execution parameters such as markups, spreads, routing rules, volume increments and many more. We provide you with branded builds of selected platforms with your logo and contact details. Plus, you get all the required tools for account monitoring, risk management, and reporting. The White Label partnership is an easy way to start your own trading business without the need to obtain a full platform licence or expensive infrastructure.

Back Office

Back office panel for brokers to manage user exposure, groups, trading instruments, leverage settings, and many more. In some cases, the white-label plan also includes a liquidity agreement. On top of the turnkey solution, the company suggests brokerage companies integrate some products. A newcomer business owner gets a turnkey solution, skipping all the development stages. Reliable companies unlock access to their advanced technologies and products, implement all the components to make them function as one mechanism. As a white label provider, you can rely on your partner to create a steady cash flow for your business, which you can then direct towards further growth.

fx white label solution

Utilize the knowledge behind a multicultural company and the benefits of a leading prime broker. FTD provides customizable Fintech solutions that enable everything you need to serve your customers with direct accessibility of professional bridge and CRM function. WL partner accesses to data via API connection and has 24/7 IT maintenance monitoring of IT systems for business continuity. Currencycloud provides cross-border payment and FX services to companies like Monese, Revolut, and Paddle. These brands then white label Currencycloud’s API to cost-effectively deliver transparent payments and FX via a global and fully compliant payment network.

Metatrader Manager

Your Bourse Announces the launch of two new features on its state of art execution engine and risk management platform – floating leverage and floating commissions. Join thousands of traders who choose a mobile-first broker for trading the markets. Depending on the country in which your company is registered, you may need to acquire a licence. Generally, you do need a licence to provide financial services in most countries, even though regulation differs around the world.

As a result, the cost of starting a brokerage with a white label solution will be directly proportional to the services you choose. Many WL partners care about the ability to customize the look and feel of the platform. In most cases, technology providers only offer color and icon customization. In X Open Hub, you can not only customize the login panel and platform view settings but also place your own applications in stores with your company’s logo. If you are an established broker or money manager looking to take the next step in developing your brand then HonorFX can supply you with necessary technology and resources to set up your own brokerage. We provide robust infrastructure and allow you to focus on taking care of your clients.

A Complete Offering Under Your Own Brand

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